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Your Story I June 18, 2019

In a society that says certain jobs are off-limits for women, chartered accountant and entrepreneur Tanvi Loond is breaking barriers.

Tanvi Loond, founder and CEO, featured in Your Story to share the story of her journey with Insta C.A.

Financial Express I March 30, 2019

How to claim GST refund on exports

In this article published in The Financial Express?, Tanvi Loond writes about GST refund on export of goods or services.

Financial Express I March 15, 2019

How to calculate Advance Tax

Tanvi Loond, founder and CEO, writes about Advance tax computation, payment due dates and penalty for non-compliance.

Financial Express I December 17, 2018

How to claim Input Tax Credit: eligibility, conditions, exclusions

Our founder, Tanvi Loond, discusses all you need to know about availing Input Tax Credit in this article published in The Financial Express

Financial Express I October 17, 2018

TDS decoded for Startups

Our founder, Tanvi Loond writes about TDS liability in this article published in the Financial Express

Your Story I October 16, 2018

You (probably) did not know this about your income tax notice!

In this article published in Your Story, our founder discusses Income Tax Notices and what they mean.

Financial Express I September 26, 2018

Earned foreign income this year? Here’s how you can avoid Double Taxation.

In this article published by The Financial Express, our founder Tanvi Loond throws light on foreign income and double taxation.

Financial Express I August 17, 2018

Own more than one house? Here’s how you should plan income tax.

In this article published in The Financial Express, our founder Tanvi Loond talks about the tax benefits owing to a home loan.

Financial Express I August 9, 2018

Earning more than 15 lakh? Here’s how you should plan your taxes to get the maximum benefit.

Some tax planning and saving tips from our founder Tanvi Loond published in The Financial Express.

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